Sunday, September 30, 2012

Learning Tips & Being Patient

It has been so enjoyable, overwhelming and exciting the last two weeks in my on-line class with Kelly Rae Roberts.  It is the last time she is offering this annual e-course.  Because it is the "last one", there is no limit to how many people can participate!  AMAZING.... over 500 people in our class group and it continues to grow... its not too late because all of the information (course material) is available to read any time during the course!

Such a variety of artists, ages, personalities... the one thing we all have in common is a creative soul.  It is truly inspiring to be amongst others who feel so creative.  We celebrate, support and share tips... and that is a-r-o-u-n-d the wonderfulness of the class structure, absolutely detailed program I've ever taken.  Seriously, life changing - if you embrace it.  That is the key - letting yourself participate and recognizing that you are worth it. 

What have you enjoyed in the past and "wish" you could try it out again... you enjoy and think about... When I've heard the question, "If there is something you could do without failing, what would it be?", my answer typically lies in the walls of photography, writing and painting.  I do the first two, but always wanted to PAINT.  I can VISUALIZE what I want to paint... but have not done it - FEAR of failing.... This class has so inspired me to just DO IT.  I've bought some stiff paper, canvas and building up my bucket of supplies.  I've had "whispers" for over thirty years... seriously. need. to. do. it.  Haha

Some of the artists have made short videos of painting from start to finish - how exhilarating!!  They are so inspirational and really cause me to think, there may be a chance... I can do it!

Peace & Joy,

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