Sunday, September 30, 2012

Learning Tips & Being Patient

It has been so enjoyable, overwhelming and exciting the last two weeks in my on-line class with Kelly Rae Roberts.  It is the last time she is offering this annual e-course.  Because it is the "last one", there is no limit to how many people can participate!  AMAZING.... over 500 people in our class group and it continues to grow... its not too late because all of the information (course material) is available to read any time during the course!

Such a variety of artists, ages, personalities... the one thing we all have in common is a creative soul.  It is truly inspiring to be amongst others who feel so creative.  We celebrate, support and share tips... and that is a-r-o-u-n-d the wonderfulness of the class structure, absolutely detailed program I've ever taken.  Seriously, life changing - if you embrace it.  That is the key - letting yourself participate and recognizing that you are worth it. 

What have you enjoyed in the past and "wish" you could try it out again... you enjoy and think about... When I've heard the question, "If there is something you could do without failing, what would it be?", my answer typically lies in the walls of photography, writing and painting.  I do the first two, but always wanted to PAINT.  I can VISUALIZE what I want to paint... but have not done it - FEAR of failing.... This class has so inspired me to just DO IT.  I've bought some stiff paper, canvas and building up my bucket of supplies.  I've had "whispers" for over thirty years... seriously. need. to. do. it.  Haha

Some of the artists have made short videos of painting from start to finish - how exhilarating!!  They are so inspirational and really cause me to think, there may be a chance... I can do it!

Peace & Joy,

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bucket List - Do You Have One?

Earlier this year, with a little grimace, the month of May was going to approach... andddd my big "5-0" birthday. OH MY!  Instead of dreading it, I made the decision to EMBRACE IT. 

My daughter didn't like the idea of me making a "bucket list".. she said it is for "things you do before you die."  I told her I don't plan on dying any time soon. I announced to my family my "2012 50 Bucket List" - 50 items to COMPLETE in 2012!!   These are goals I want to do.  Places I've desired for years to visit .. on the list.  So, the word INTENTIONAL has certainly come alive for me this year.

Not everything on my list cost money.  Some things are sentimental to me.  My dad passed away in 2008 and since then, my Mom would not have a fire in the fireplace because it brought her too much emotional pain.  My family home had a hearth and brick area to sit and the warmth of the fire was very therapeutic... one of my favorites growing up.  I put "Fire in Moms fireplace" on my list.  In fact, I just talked to her today about it and she said "sure"! 

A couple of other things I put on my bucket list (remember 50 items!)... and its almost "Creating a blog". Done! (here you are reading it!) Thank you to the incredible e-course I'm taking with Kelly Rae Roberts and meeting fabulous creative souls helping me along in completing more of my bucket list items.

Added in some organizational "to-do's" - you betcha!  Okay, you may not feel inspired to come up with 50 items.  But, having a list - heck, a FUN LIST is pretty satisfying. 

I am over half way done and determined to keep going. ^_^

What are some items you might put on your list?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Drawing Faces With Kassey

My daughter, Kassey, began drawing at a young age.  In my opinion, she is a very good artist.  She does not want me to share her art, however, because she is her own critique.  We certainly know how that is, right?!  After being on a drawing site (Deviant Art), she has a following (over 10k she said).

Kassey has experience with painting.  We headed to the craft store, purchased more paint colors and returned to settled in...  I didn't get very far as I'm not really sure what I'm doing with the way of drawing form.  She was giving me some pointers.  I remember drawing in High School - draw what you are seeing and it wasn't bad.  But, Kassey explained, that it is much more difficult to draw what is the picture you have in your head and want to put it on paper... I see what she means!  Anyway, it was fun hanging out with my daughter, being home from college for a couple of days.

Hey look! There is my "Shine Brightly" Kelly Rae Roberts light switch plate - love that!

Peace & Joy,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I've been hearing the word, "INTENTIONAL", go round and round the last couple of months...  On my way to bible study this past Wednesday, I purposefully did not turn on my radio while traveling in the car.  Why?  Being a busy mom, often quiet time does not come often enough.  Unplugging from phones and computers and music is a healthy thing - its about being intentional. =)

So any hoo, my writing pad is typically next to me in the car to write down the whispers in my heart and soul in between stops and signals.  I wrote the following poem in an eight mile span.

In the quiet moments of my day, I think of you with desire of alone time.
Your desires for me whisper.
Your sunrise quiets me, morning dew refreshes.
Scattered clouds envelope.
As evening sets, You paint the sky.
You light up my world with tenderness.
Calming rest with devotion.

It takes practice to be intentional... I'm still learning.  How do you spend quiet time? Or, what do you wish you had time to do in your quiet time?

Peace & Joy,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

First official post! Since joining the online class with Kelly Rae Roberts this past Sunday, my first goal is to create a blog (and learn to use it). 

I would like to add the following photo to the header of my blog, but have not gotten to that point of intentional layout yet.  There is so much I have to share - come share another day with me and lets chat. =)

Walking to the water amongst the stones and pebbles. ~ Refreshing.

Peace & Joy,