Friday, August 2, 2013

Once Upon A Time Suzanne Fernald Guest Posting via Artist Laly Mille!

Happy Summer!

I am thrilled and privileged to be highlighted as a guest this month on Laly Mille's blog.  I would be honored if you would visit, read my story and comment.  Take a look at Laly's site - her art is AMAZING!

I met Laly through my first online creative class (via Kelly Rae Roberts).  That class opened up many opportunities to learn from a world-full of talented new, established and upcoming artists!  I purchased some of Laly's art earlier this year and proudly have it displayed in my dining area as inspiration.

May your heart soar and believe, that you too can begin a dream, you just need to move forward in those baby steps to begin.  

Peace & Joy,
Suzanne Fernald