Thursday, April 25, 2013

Steady As We Cross

 Photography & Writing Copyrighted By Suzanne J. Fernald
  Steady As We Cross

There sitting next to the stone
Blades of grass grow around

Gurgling flow
A stream

Rays of sun filter in clouds scattered
“Step Lightly,” she whispered.

Come and See

Steady as we cross
To the other side.

How the sun dances upon the water
Colors of whites and blues

“Take my hand, its steep at this point.”

“Here we are, step up.”

See the Splendor

It’s a New Life
 anticipating your arrival.

Monday, April 22, 2013

What Do You Hear?

Photograph & Poem Copyright By Suzanne J. Fernald

What Do You Hear

Do you hear the quiet
Are you alone?

Do you hear outside nature calls or busy traffic?
Are you yearning for another?

What do you hear
When you talk with another?
Is it your voice you hear
Can you stop and hear another speak?

Do you hear
And listen – really listen? (self control)
What do you hear?
Compassion, Grace, Worthiness

You are valuable and have a voice.
A voice to hear, a voice to care.

An ear to Hear, Learn, Seek, Transform
Can you hear?
It’s the call
Waiting for you to listen and act.