Sunday, September 23, 2012

I've been hearing the word, "INTENTIONAL", go round and round the last couple of months...  On my way to bible study this past Wednesday, I purposefully did not turn on my radio while traveling in the car.  Why?  Being a busy mom, often quiet time does not come often enough.  Unplugging from phones and computers and music is a healthy thing - its about being intentional. =)

So any hoo, my writing pad is typically next to me in the car to write down the whispers in my heart and soul in between stops and signals.  I wrote the following poem in an eight mile span.

In the quiet moments of my day, I think of you with desire of alone time.
Your desires for me whisper.
Your sunrise quiets me, morning dew refreshes.
Scattered clouds envelope.
As evening sets, You paint the sky.
You light up my world with tenderness.
Calming rest with devotion.

It takes practice to be intentional... I'm still learning.  How do you spend quiet time? Or, what do you wish you had time to do in your quiet time?

Peace & Joy,


  1. Oh Suzanne... I am the mom to three beautiful boys ages 19, 12 and 6. My oldest started college and my baby started kindergarten the same month. For the first time in over 19 years I am alone during the day and I sit in SILENCE. No t.v., no radio. I LOVE IT! I, too, feel like my time is intentional now. I am coveting every day and living with purpose.

    1. That's wonderful, Michelle! I would have been emotional for that day for both the kids. I have a 21 year old daughter and 11 year old son, so I understand the variety of emotions for different reasons at their much different ages! What do you find yourself doing with your "silence"?

      BTW, I responded to this message before on the same day you posted, but for some reason (as I'm new to this), it doesn't look like it was posted. Any hoo, take care and thanks for stopping by! =)