Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bucket List - Do You Have One?

Earlier this year, with a little grimace, the month of May was going to approach... andddd my big "5-0" birthday. OH MY!  Instead of dreading it, I made the decision to EMBRACE IT. 

My daughter didn't like the idea of me making a "bucket list".. she said it is for "things you do before you die."  I told her I don't plan on dying any time soon. I announced to my family my "2012 50 Bucket List" - 50 items to COMPLETE in 2012!!   These are goals I want to do.  Places I've desired for years to visit .. on the list.  So, the word INTENTIONAL has certainly come alive for me this year.

Not everything on my list cost money.  Some things are sentimental to me.  My dad passed away in 2008 and since then, my Mom would not have a fire in the fireplace because it brought her too much emotional pain.  My family home had a hearth and brick area to sit and the warmth of the fire was very therapeutic... one of my favorites growing up.  I put "Fire in Moms fireplace" on my list.  In fact, I just talked to her today about it and she said "sure"! 

A couple of other things I put on my bucket list (remember 50 items!)... and its almost "Creating a blog". Done! (here you are reading it!) Thank you to the incredible e-course I'm taking with Kelly Rae Roberts and meeting fabulous creative souls helping me along in completing more of my bucket list items.

Added in some organizational "to-do's" - you betcha!  Okay, you may not feel inspired to come up with 50 items.  But, having a list - heck, a FUN LIST is pretty satisfying. 

I am over half way done and determined to keep going. ^_^

What are some items you might put on your list?


  1. You did it! Your header is beautiful and so is the name and love the explanation of why it is named that. Hmmmmm...thinking I may need to do that sometime somewhere. Celebrating your blog with you!
    Debbie a fellow flyer from TX

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Debra, I appreciate your stopping in. "The List" can be liberating!