Thursday, September 20, 2012

First official post! Since joining the online class with Kelly Rae Roberts this past Sunday, my first goal is to create a blog (and learn to use it). 

I would like to add the following photo to the header of my blog, but have not gotten to that point of intentional layout yet.  There is so much I have to share - come share another day with me and lets chat. =)

Walking to the water amongst the stones and pebbles. ~ Refreshing.

Peace & Joy,


  1. Well you are off to a great start - i blogged daily for awhile, then got over whelmed and let it slide, now i am back to doing it when i can. I just reread my whole blog last week and it is fun to revisit this little snippettes of my life over and over.

    1. Thank you, Claudette. The snippets can be fun. Especially, if we have gotten better over time... haha Take care there, young lady.