Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Declare Your Day (or Window of Time)

About a month ago, I declared that TUESDAYS! are going to be "My Day".  For the most part, the "day" is the period of time in which my son is in school, haha.  Most days, I use that time to do house chores, run errands and all of those daily tasks that are much easier to do when you don't have a young child with you.

What am I doing on My Tuesdays? An "Artist Date" is recommended in a some of the creative books I 've been reading.  That means scheduling a date with yourself for creativity.  Love that!

If I use My Tuesdays to make doctor appointments, clean house, or other maybe "not so fun" things, that is my choice. However, for the most part, I choose to give myself permission to NOT do the ordinary things.

Here are some of the things I may choose to do:
  • Photo shoot at a desired location.
  • Visit a friend or family member 
  • Take a walk or do a workout
  • Make a lunch date with a friend
  • Listen or watch personal development
  • Have a technical free day (no phone, computer, TV, etc.) 
  • Writing exercises or reflections in my journal  
  • Take a long bath
  • Update my living space to exhibit the current season (i.e. Fall leaves, Harvest, Warm Colors).  I keep a lidded plastic container in the garage with "FALL" listed on it and easily bring it down to swap out my SUMMER items.  When those items look tattered, I toss them and update with newer items (well, new to me - could be store, boutique, Goodwill, garage sale, etc.)
  • Not answer the phone
  • Learn something new that needs some concentration
  • Call a friend at my leisure
  • Sit on my swing with a beverage (cool/hot depending on weather) and listen to nature
  • Take a break from answering inquiries for a day
  • Read for fun
  • Rest/Nap (doesn't a hammock sound nice? Perhaps I need that on my wish list. HeeHee)
  • Not have play dates for my son (company/extra children after school)
  • See a matinee by myself or with someone else (can be tricky on timing before school pick-up)
  • Work on my "15 Minutes List" (baby steps toward projects that may take a while to get through... mine is currently a corner in our garage and also the "craft room")
  • Play in my garden
  • Write a "snail mail" letter to a friend or family member
What do YOU give yourself permission to do in your "windows of time"?

Okay, take care! I am going to eat lunch while I begin day two of week three of the fabulous e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts)!  I truly love learning.

Peace & Joy,


  1. I love this idea, when i set time aside for myself it is usually to create something.

    1. Creating "something" is so rejuvenating! What do you like to create? Have fun and take care. ~

  2. yay, soaring sister; i love this blog. good to be on this journey together.

    1. Hi Kerry, I was enjoying looking at your homestead photos yesterday. Your blog "look" is great! Or shall I say, "wild"? Love your style. =)

  3. I kid you not, us getting David the hammock has been good for all of our health!

    I love to walk with Wendy to the pier and back if I have a few free minutes. Some times we'll stop for a coffee or a treat from Forever 21 and we always walk through the neighborhood and stop and look at the flowers in bloom!

    1. That hammock is great and really is inviting. How great to check out the neighborhoods and get a walk in too - I view people's yards and gardens to find new ideas I may want to incorporate. Also, have my phone camera ready just in case... =)

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  4. Yes, this is a good idea...lists in general are a good idea if I would just make them and then keep track of them! All of the things on your list sound wonderful! June Maddox