Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Looking Up

"Look" (verb) Use or direct your eyes in order to see, search, or examine.  An act of looking. Appearance. A person's attractiveness. (Oxford Dictionary). 

Have you noticed when we are looking or watching, we see more?  It may seem like a silly thought, but really... when we are intentional about looking, such as the beauty in our day, common things people do (bring us a beverage, give a hug), our life's perspective can change.  If not for the day, even for a moment. 

Successfully today, I learned to take off the dang spam sensors on my blog so people can comment easily. Simple thing I looked to conquer!

Upward looking with a gaze toward the sky, sunshine on my face or taking a deep breath of fresh air, flowery, woody, freshly mowed grass fragrances, after a rain, it just causes my face to smile.

Wishing you an upward tilted chin with expectancy sort of day!

Peace & Joy,


  1. yay, I'm in Suzanne.. Officially telling you I love your work...

    1. Thank you, Sandy. Glad you were able to stop in. Come by and visit me again. =)

  2. It is true, everything you said. Thanks for sharing that. June Maddox

  3. I love this! This is such a totally cute picture of you too! : )